What are heyVR Coins?

HeyVR coins are used to purchase various in-game content, such as items, consumables & cosmetics, as well as special features such as additional levels or full game access.

Spending coins is a great way to support your favorite heyVR games, since the proceeds go almost entirely to our incredible developers: allowing them to create evermore amazing WebXR experiences for you, our community of players.

Save incrementally more with higher tier bundles!

350 HeyVR Coins

350 heyVR Coins

$ 14.99 Coming Soon
650 HeyVR Coins

650 heyVR Coins

$ 24.99 Coming Soon

Best Value SAVE 33%!

1500 HeyVR Coins

Best Value SAVE 33%!

1500 heyVR Coins

$ 49.98 Coming Soon


What are our payment options?

HeyVR uses a trusted third-party payment provider - Lemon Squeezy. They offer different payment options, based on your country of residence. For more information: lemonsqueezy payment methods

Can I transfer or sell HeyVR coins?

Transferring coins to a different account or converting them outside of the HeyVR platform is not possible. Coins can only be be redeemed for in-game content or special features offered through HeyVR.io. Once you delete your account, any remaining Coin balance will also be deleted.