Archery Dungeon

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The orc faction has launched an assault on the magical portal leading to your home village. You need to stop them before they get through and destroy your village. How long can you hold them off?


Thumbstick - Menu/shop navigation A / X - Menu confirmation button Right Trigger - Press to draw bow / Release to shoot arrow Pull the bow’s string to aim and release it to shoot the arrow at the enemies. Each enemy awards a certain amount of points, depending on where they were hit and if the user has a combo running. Missing shots interrupts the combo, so watch out! To support the developers, purchase new bows with Construct Coins! You can use the bows you buy in other games with bow shooting in the future. The bows can also be used cross-game in Archery Training!


This game was developed in Wonderland Engine – the WebXR focused development platform.


Darius Patzner:
  • development
  • design
  • sounds
Florian Isikci
  • supporting development
  • technical art
  • leaderboards
Lionel Hale: - logo Jonathan Hale:
  • engine development
  • in-game store development

Additional Credits

Sounds - “Portal Sound” from Sergenious - “Wave Cleared” Sound from Jobro on - “Orc SFX” By Little Robot Sound Factory Models - “Orc War Banner” by jorge_peral is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution. - “Magic Portal” by SGTorresJ is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution.