Avoid the Dark

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Fly through an apocalyptic city, collect fuel to get as far as possible in an endless race against time.


Q / Grip Button - Start game A / Left Trigger Button - Fly left D / Right Trigger Button - Fly right Avoid buildings, collect the fuel to avoid it depleating. The further you fly, the higher your score. To support the developers, customize your ship and get a bobblehead in the store!


After Earth Defender the world was destroyed by meteorites. You are scrapping the last fuel in a post-apocalyptic city to get as far as possible. Buy yourself a bobblehead for some company! (And to support the devs, of course.)


This game was developed in Wonderland Engine – the WebXR focused development platform.


Darius Patzner:
  • development
  • design
  • sounds
Jonathan Hale:
  • engine development
  • in-game store development
3rd Party Models: Logo:
  • Antonia Rosenthal
Getaway Car

Getaway Car

by TexelPad


by Vhite Rabbit
Back to Space

Back to Space

by Sorskoot

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