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Cadenza!! is a free to play rhythm game inspired by the likes of Deemo and Chunithm.


Use the mallets to strike the keyboard keys to the beat of the music. The bottom half of the keyboard is bouncy; the top half is not. Hit Notes Wait for the note to overlap with the white line and then strike any key covered by the note to gain points. The more accurately you hit the notes, the more points you gain. Slide Notes Slide notes do not need to be hit accurately. As long as the key is active when the slide note is near the white line, you will receive full points. Hold Notes Hit the top half of the key when the front edge overlaps with the white line. Hold the key down and release it when the back edge overlaps with the white line. Controls To adjust the Mallet use the trigger, to pause the game press A/X on Oculus devices or the trackpad button on HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality. You can also play the game using your keyboard: press P for pause and the keys ASDFGHJK to hit the notes.


This game was developed in A-Frame and Three.js.


Oliver Fei