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Try to find the residents of Creepville by gazing at them in this short VR experience.


Look around!


Jorge Fuentes – WebsiteTwitterInstagram Julio Iglesias – WebsiteTwitterSketchfab Created in A-Frame using Blender for modeling and animation. Most of halloVReen’s visuals and sounds use creative commons assets from Sketchfab and Freesound. Many thanks to each and all of you for sharing your work, it’d have been impossible to build this from scratch in such a short time: C. Anton, Ikregula, jakekieferwaddington, Yuliia Tsukanova, Hamsterspit, Cate, Flaremedia, Dvnc.tech, Azera, vijohnsyu, Marsilainen, scribbletoad, Mitch.harvey, VitSh, ulquiorraad, Natty23, NikoMyth, InspectorJ, Prosser, NaturesTemper, Harris85, Adam_N, Ceox, RTB45, bigjoedrummer, Kevin MacLeod.

Source Code

You can find the source code on GitHub.