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#adventure #maze #roguelite #trees #aliens #spooky

The mother of all trees...

After landing on earth,
her spores began to spread,
while the roots protected her heart.


Many fought to defeat her,
and to save our land,
but they all turned into...


It's time for you to venture into her maze,
and put this madness to an end.


The mother of all trees must succumb.


- Press the middle finger button to grab
- Use the left thumbstick to move
- Double press the left thumbstick to switch between smooth and teleport movement
- Double press the index finger button to skip the intro

You can watch a full playthrough of the game on Youtube

Global Game Jam 2023 - Theme: Roots - Entry: LabyRoots
The jam version can be played here

You can find the project on GitHub


I Polaretti
Alessandro Telesca - Narrative Designer
Aurelia Papini: 2D Artist
Arianna Lupi: 2D Artist
Chenco: Supporter
Elia Ducceschi: Programmer
Francesco Baiano: Game Designer
Matteo Ledda: 3D Artist
Michael Bellotti: Programmer

Special Thanks
Sound Designer with Sunglasses
Sound Gallery by Dmitry Taras