Ski Fit 365

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Experience the thrill of downhill skiing while getting fit! Go on an exclusive VR ski adventure as you travel by helicopter to the ski resort. Choose your equipment then take to the slopes for an authentic high-speed ski race. How fast can you go? Who is at the top of the leaderboard? Can you do even better? Ski Fit 365 was designed by professional skiers and deployed in VR to deliver the most immersive and authentic online ski experience ever. Welcome to the PREVIEW edition of SKI FIT 365. We hope you enjoy this first rush of meeting the mountain! The FULL edition of Ski Fit 365 will include - selectable courses during cable-car ascent - HIIT programmes - new daily courses - new locations with new courses - new outfits and gear to try-and-buy FUTURE edition - Ski With Friends. Meet on the mountain with voice chat. Challenge your ski squad to see who is the fastest! - Medals and trophies to be won.


Leg Tracking Ski Fit 365 uses your left-controller as a leg tracker. Simply wear a long ski sock or football sock and tuck the controller snugly into the top of the sock.


Follow the in game options until you are on the slopes. Then press (A) to start the race. Tuck lower (lower your head) for higher speeds and steer by rolling your knees. Go through the gates and race to the finish line as fast as you can!