Lemon Atoll

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Welcome to Lemon Atoll! Your goal on this little island is to serve some delicious island lemonade to as many thirsty fish as possible. What's that? How are the fish thirsty if they spend all their time literally surrounded by liquid?


To make our delicious Island Lemonadeâ„¢ you'll need just two ingredients: coconut water and lemon juice! Lucky for you, Lemon Atoll has an endless supply of both.

You can move around the island by using the right thumbstick to teleport. To get coconut water, climb the tree behind the stand with grip and whack on the coconuts to knock 'em loose. The force of impact on the rock solid sand should be enough to crack them in half. Pick them up with trigger and take them back to your work area. You can grab from a distance! Then, give the tree off to the left of your stand a good solid thwack to knock down some lemons!

Once you've gathered all the necessary ingredients, mash them together to make some lemonade and throw it at a hungry customer! Don't make them wait too long though, or they might get frustrated and leave!

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Created by Daniel Adams, aka msub2, aka mâ‚‚

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